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NyÅr(e) 2021

-21 celsius clear weather at the top of Åreskutan

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New Year 2020 In Tokyo

Nowone knew what 2020 would look like…

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New Year 2019 in HongKong

Top Air quality at the peak, clear weather !

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New York

Höstlovsbesök i NYC

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Gotska Sandön

As most of our visits to the island, alone on the beach !

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Stora Karlsö

Stora Karlsö is not easy to access

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Saltmine in Saltzburg

Checkout of mining and production of AlpenJodSalz in Salzburg mines

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Hangar 7 (Redbull HQ)

Saltzburgs event place No1

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+35 grader på Atlantis !

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Shanghai Nyår

Nyår i Shanghai. Lagom firande då kinesernas nyår följer deras kalender och inte firades sista december.

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Happy new year 2017

Happy New Year 2017

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