Go Big

Go Big or Go home ;)

Do not try this without Lemmel !


At last I have my own Gsuit good for 100 000 feet

The gear for the edge of space


Lemmel.com fits every back !


When shopping for small-arms in Russia, always shop with a smile !


A fun way to get rid of your xmastree in 45 seconds

Winterwaterskiing in Åre

(Slight missnavigation...)

Footsculping during skitrip

(trots svårigheter gick foten ner i en pjäxa...)



Close call on slippery roads...


A close encounter at waterscooter..


...needs a quick getaway (60 knots in thight archipelago)


Winterwaterskiing in Åre


How to grill large amounts of hot dogs


Autobahntest of Audi S3


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